Metal-free dentistry benefits

For many decades, the use of metal amalgam was ubiquitous when placing fillings and other dental restorations. This material is made from a mixture of metals, with approximately half being mercury and the rest being composed of tin, copper, silver, and other types of metals. However, mercury is widely recognized as a toxic material, the silver color of metal amalgam is noticeable in the smile, and amalgam can make teeth susceptible to cracking or breaking. At the dental practice of Richard D. Weigand, DDS in Spokane, Washington, we use a metal-free dentistry approach, which offers many benefits for the appearance, function, and health of our patients’ smiles.

Why choose metal-free dentistry?

Two of the most common metal-free materials that we use in our dental practice are composite resin and porcelain, which both offer many benefits for our patients:

  • Using non-metal materials allows us to be more conservative in terms of the amount of tooth structure that needs to be removed due to the way that metal-free fillings are placed compared to metal amalgam fillings.
  • Composite resin and porcelain are biocompatible materials, which means that they will not interact with your body in the way that metal can – no tarnishing, corrosion, or galvanism.
  • Simply put, metal-free dental restorations look better! Instead of unsightly silver metal, the tooth-colored composite resin and porcelain that we use for dental restorations blends in naturally with your smile so others will never know you have had dental work done.
  • While metal amalgam is an affordable and versatile material, and when used in dental applications, it does not expand and contract at the same rate that natural tooth enamel does when exposed to hot or cold temperatures. This can cause teeth with amalgam restorations to fracture, leading to the need for further expense and time in the dental chair. Conversely, composite resin expands and contracts similarly as your natural teeth, reducing the chances of the need for re-treatment down the road.

Your partners in oral health

At the dental practice of Richard Weigand, the health of your smile and overall well-being are our top priority, and providing metal-free dentistry is just one of many ways that we take care of your smile. To schedule your appointment at our Spokane, WA office, if you are an existing patient, you can call [phone_ex] . New patients will need to call [phone] to schedule their first appointment.

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