Are Dental Implants Really Painful?

Too many people who could have their lives greatly improved by dental implants aren’t ready to get them because they have anxieties about how the procedure will go. But taking a closer look at what goes into the procedure, including the pain-numbing anesthesia you’ll receive, can go a long way into helping you put those fears away and embarking on your journey to a restored smile.

No Pain, Plenty of Gains

There’s a good reason the anesthetics used in the dental office aren’t available over the counter. It’s because they’re extremely potent. And because they’re so potent, you won’t feel anything at the implant site after the injection of the local anesthetic. You won’t feel the drilling of the tiny pilot holes the dental implants will be placed into and you won’t feel your dentist insert the titanium implant posts.

One of the biggest reasons general anesthesia typically isn’t used during the placement of dental implants is because it’s simply excessive. Local anesthesia offers all the pain relief any dental implant patient will need, and it’ll wear off much quicker than general anesthesia – which can leave you asleep for hours before it finally wears off and you wake up.

In and Out in No Time

Beyond being more than enough, another reason local anesthesia is used during a dental implant procedure is because the placement process is quick. It’s also one less reason to worry about your procedure.

The implanting procedure takes much less time than many people think. The process is so efficient because your dentist will use digital imaging and modeling software to determine precisely where to place your implants.

Aftercare: It’s in Your Hands

Your dentist will provide recommendations for keeping the implant site clean and managing any discomfort related to the procedure. As far as pain management goes, all you’ll need, most likely, are standard over-the-counter painkillers to keep the swelling and tenderness down.

The Next Step

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