Make over your front teeth with porcelain dental veneers in Spokane, WA that inspire smile confidence

Front teeth are unmistakable, which is great for those patients who have evenly spaced, attractively shaped, and stain-free teeth in the smile zone. However, patients with gaps between their front teeth, chips, visible wear, and other cosmetic concerns, may hide their smiles out of embarrassment. For these patients, porcelain dental veneers at the Spokane, WA office of Richard D. Weigand, DDS work wonders. In fact, these thin porcelain restorations are designed for the teeth that are visible when you smile. Depending on their needs for cosmetic improvement, patients may have a single veneer applied to one tooth, or they may have four, six, or eight of their teeth in the upper and lower dental arches treated with veneers. The number of veneers really depends on what will look most natural for you, and Dr. Weigand can determine what is most appropriate following an examination and in consultation with you.

Express yourself freely – smile confidently with veneers!

Outcomes from the porcelain veneers procedure are very technique specific. Dr. Weigand has advanced aesthetic training and credentials. When this experience and skill is combined with his selection of quality porcelain, you get treated teeth that look, feel, and function no differently from healthy, natural teeth. You avoid many of the complaints associated with veneers that use lesser-quality materials, and that do not use Dr. Weigand’s exacting planning and design process. Since porcelain is the stand-in for your natural tooth enamel, it’s a must that it be properly matched to the shade of your surrounding teeth, and that it otherwise replicates the appearance of natural tooth material in terms of its translucence and luster. In some cases, veneers are a great opportunity to make your teeth whiter! We can perform bleaching treatment prior to designing the veneers, which are color-matched to your whitened teeth.

Additionally, adjusting a precision amount of natural enamel to accommodate the thickness of each veneer is necessary to ensure it fits snugly against the gumline for the most natural appearance and feel, as well as well as for comfortable and efficient function. Veneers that are not prepared to your unique specifications and characteristics can end up looking fake, too boxy or big for your face, or stick out too prominently.

For front teeth that get noticed for all the right reasons, schedule your consultation with Dr. Weigand at the Spokane, WA office. Call Richard D. Weigand, DDS at [phone].

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