Dental treatments without the scalpel, drill, and discomfort: The benefits of laser dentistry in Spokane WA

Richard D. Weigand, DDS is trained and equipped to offer comfortable, fast, precise, conservative, and low-risk alternatives to drills, needles, and scalpels for many common dental procedures. As a Fellow of the World Clinical Laser Institute, Dr. Weigand is among a select group of dentists qualified to use laser dental treatments in Spokane, WA, and the surrounding area.

The power of laser dentistry

Laser devices produce a specific color (wavelength) of light. Each wavelength has a unique effect on oral structures due to how that particular wavelength of energy is absorbed into the tissues. While some lasers are absorbed by blood and tissue pigments, others are absorbed by water and hard tissues (enamel, dentin, and bone).

Dr. Weigand has invested in devices that are designed to target different types of tissues. This is important because it allows laser dentistry at his office to truly be versatile, which means that many different types of patients can benefit from all of the advantages that come with laser technology. Lasers are generally categorized as:

  • Soft tissue – The wavelengths produced by these lasers target pigments in soft tissues such as the gums, as well as harmful bacteria such as Porphyromonas gingivalis – a leading contributor to chronic periodontitis or advanced gum disease. These lasers also easily interact with inflamed and vascular tissues. They may be used to recontour “gummy” smiles for cosmetic enhancement, precisely treat gum disease, or sterilize periodontal pockets between the teeth and gums.
  • Hard tissue or “all tissue” – Some laser instruments are designed to generate energy that is optimally absorbed by the mineral phosphates in tooth enamel and the water in soft and/or hard tissues. For example, Dr. Weigand may use such devices to detect and treat cavities. Due to the laser’s ability to shed light on areas of decay that are otherwise too small or well-hidden to be identified with the naked eye or conventional diagnostic tools, it allows Dr. Weigand to detect cavities early in the decay process when they’re easier (and much more cost-effective) to treat. This approach further helps to preserve as much of the tooth’s natural and healthy structure as possible.

Dr. Weigand also offers WaterLase. This system combines a laser device with a continuous spray of water. The water spray helps to minimize excess heat, which allows for more comfortable treatment (that is so well-tolerated, a numbing anesthetic may not be necessary!). WaterLase offers a bloodless and minimally-invasive alternative to the scalpel, drill, and other conventional dental tools in a variety of procedures. These include adult frenectomies, which involve removing excess frenulum tissue under the tongue or between the lips and gums, as well as a number of other laser dental treatment techniques.

Lasers are transforming the way patients perceive and experience dentistry. Call [phone] to schedule your appointment, and enjoy the ease of advanced laser dentistry at the dental practice of Richard Weigand, DDS.

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