Choose a dental implant dentist in Spokane WA for skilled tooth replacement that is built to last

Dental fear is common. But, should your fear of the dental bill overshadow your fear of the procedure itself, you are not alone, and you’ve come to the right place for peace of mind and quality of care. Your dental implant dentist in Spokane WA, Richard D. Weigand, DDS, empathizes with these fears and feels that no one, regardless of his or her budget, should be prevented from getting the best approach to replace severely damaged or missing teeth.

New teeth, built to last

As the standard in tooth replacement, dental implant-supported bridges and dentures are designed like natural and healthy teeth. So, they are made to last. Ongoing costs associated with repairing and replacing traditional tooth replacement systems are avoided, for instance, conventional dental bridges last up to around a decade with proper care. Home care can be tricky; floss threaders and interdental brushes may be required to clean tight, decay-prone spaces under bridges. Additionally, conventional dentures require ongoing adjustments and replacement. They promote bone loss, which alters the shape of your face and, in turn, the fit of your dentures.

Since implants are placed in the jaw, they hold the overlying crowns and denture in place – like natural tooth roots!

The benefits of an experienced implantologist

Dr. Weigand has extensive experience in advanced treatments. Additionally, Dr. Weigand and his staff are transparent about treatments and costs. They will discuss all factors that influence the total cost, including:

  • Types of implant
  • Number of components (such as stock or custom abutment or connector piece)
  • Restorative/prosthetic fees
  • Nonsurgical fees and types of restorations (such as crowns, partial and full dentures)
  • Specific esthetic demands and complexity of treatment

More insurance companies are covering at least a portion of dental implants, even if your need for tooth replacement isn’t caused by trauma or pathology. Each insurance plan’s approach to this treatment is different, and we accept many types of plans. We will work on your behalf to get an accurate estimate of your out-of-pocket costs before treatment. We’ll also submit claims on your behalf to get the benefits that are due to you. In addition, we accept HSAs. For remaining out-of-pocket expenses, Richard D. Weigand, DDS, offers payment plans through CareCredit, with options for no interest or extended payments up to five years.

Implants are a terrific value that all patients deserve! Call [phone] to schedule your consultation with Dr. Weigand at the Spokane, WA office.

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