Dentist helps patients improve their smile with cosmetic dentistry services at Spokane, WA, office

Many adults wish they could change their smiles. Perhaps their teeth have become dull or stained, or maybe they have a broken or chipped tooth that causes them to want to hide their smile behind closed lips. Dr. Richard Weigand helps patients improve their smiles with cosmetic dentistry services at his office in Spokane, WA. While every patient has a unique situation and custom treatment plan, some of the most common cosmetic dentistry treatments include: 

  • Teeth whitening: While drugstores offer a wide variety of pastes and strips that promise to brighten your smile, most of these deliver disappointing results. For patients who want to lighten their teeth or remove stains caused by years of coffee drinking or smoking, professional teeth whitening services offer the best outcomes. Dr. Weigand and his team provide professional whitening by trained professionals to help patients get the results they want without the risk of damage or tooth sensitivity. 
  • Orthodontic treatment: Very few patients are born with perfectly straight teeth. While proper alignment can make an aesthetic difference, it can also help prevent oral health problems or headaches in the future. However, many adults don’t want an orthodontic treatment that includes visible brackets and wires. These patients can benefit from Invisalign treatment using clear plastic alignment trays to shift the teeth into their proper position gently. 
  • Porcelain veneers: Teeth that are damaged, permanently stained, or have minor misalignment can be adjusted using porcelain veneers. These thin strips of porcelain are custom-made to be an exact match of the patient’s teeth. They are bonded to the front of the tooth and hide a wide range of minor imperfections. 
  • Porcelain crowns: Teeth can be damaged or decayed for many reasons. For some, it happens over time when a cavity goes undiagnosed or untreated. For others, the damage can be immediate if caused by a fall or trauma to the face. A porcelain crown can fix the damage to provide the necessary functionality to the tooth and blends in with the rest of the teeth. 

Additional benefits

Cosmetic Dentist Office in Spokane WA Area

While most people seek cosmetic dentistry because they want to look and feel better, many services have oral health benefits. Teeth that are correctly aligned, damage that is fixed, and teeth strengthened with crowns or veneers can help prevent future decay or damage to the teeth and gums. Investing in cosmetic dental services is often an investment in your oral health. 

Custom treatment

The first step to enhancing your smile is to schedule a consultation appointment. With Dr. Weigand, every patient receives a customized treatment plan. Some patients only need one treatment to feel more confident about their smile, while others would benefit from several cosmetic services. Once Dr. Weigand and his team understand more about your cosmetic goals, your overall oral health, and your lifestyle, budget, and timeline, they can recommend a treatment plan that fits your unique situation. 

To schedule your appointment or for more information about cosmetic dental services, call the office of Dr. Weigand at [phone] today. 

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