Change Your Smile with Veneers in the New Year

Have you been dreaming of a straighter, whiter smile for the New Year? Did you know that veneers can provide you with the esthetics you’re seeking, without protracted treatments? In a single visit, a dentist in Spokane, WA, can correct minor misalignment issues, cover over cracked or stained teeth, and present the appearance of a perfect, brilliant smile.

Orthodontic interventions to straighten misaligned teeth can be costly, and many patients with minor misalignment problems that do not cause bite discomfort choose to forego them. At the same time, most of those patients desire the esthetics that come with perfect alignment, even if they don’t want to commit the time and resources to a permanent realignment. These are the patients this option was made for. Veneers do not change your natural teeth, instead they provide a shell or a guard over and in front of the teeth that presents the smile you want the world to see.

They are stable, and when cared for, long-lasting, but they are not permanent. That’s why you should work with a dentist in Spokane, WA, to monitor the wear on yours. With proper monitoring, they can be replaced before the esthetic changes from the wear are noticeable.

Combine Teeth Cleanings and Cosmetic Check-Ups

If you are planning on making cosmetic improvements in the new year, it can be easiest when you combine them with your regular dental cleanings. That way, you can be sure to stay on top of your oral health while you improve your esthetics. The result? A healthier smile longer, with feedback about your progress and tips to take care of your teeth.

  • Learn about new treatment options as they come available
  • Maximize your oral health while minimizing your appointment dates
  • Get the veneers you always wanted for the New Year

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