4 Benefits Of Dental Implants You Should Know

If you’ve recently lost teeth, it’s time to think about replacements as soon as possible. The faster you get a replacement option in place, the less time your teeth have to adjust to the new space created. When it comes to those replacement options, there are a few choices depending on how many teeth need replaced. When you talk to your dentist in Spokane, WA, about your options, you’ll find that the current top recommendation is dental implants, and that’s because they bring several clear advantages.

Dental implant illustration

  1. Implants Simulate the Action of Natural Teeth

Since the replacement teeth are anchored to the jaw with a titanium implant, they stimulate the gum and jawbone in a way that acts like a tooth’s root, preventing loss of tissue over time. This also makes the implants strong, so they are permanently fixed and capable of taking on any foods.

  1. They Are Beautiful

New technologies like 3D printing have been brought to bear to figure out the most efficient and best-looking options for replacement teeth over the years. That means you’ll always be able to count on realistic porcelain replacements built to look just like natural teeth. Like natural teeth, porcelain has a brilliant sparkle, and with proper care it will keep sparkling for years to come.

  1. Implants Never Need to Be Replaced

Implants are truly permanent. Other replacement options are “permanent,” but individual sets of dentures and bridges do have an expected life cycle before they need replacement. Undamaged implants do now wear out, so they don’t need to be replaced. In the event an individual replacement tooth is broken, it can be repaired on its own or replaced, with no need to place new anchors.

  1. Fast Recovery Times

There is a recovery window after surgery before you’ll be back to eating all your favorite foods, but for most patients, dietary restrictions only need to be in place for a couple of days to a week. Recovery is typically fast because the process of placing implants is well-practiced and efficient.

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